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[1] Case Studies

Focused Case Study:
1 - "Supercharging" Strategic Plan Implementation$FILE/GNG07.pdf

Comprehensive Case Study:
2a - Leadership Case Study: Driving from $200M to $300M, & Doubling Profit - FAST$FILE/LeadershipCaseStudy-Distribution.pdf

Comprehensive Case Study Additional Details:
Case Study Appendix - Business Processes Focus
2b - Details on "How It Was Done"$FILE/Appendix-LeadershipCaseStudy-Distribution.pdf

IT Architecture Example
2c - Details of How Strategy Drove Massive Technology Upgrade$FILE/GSG-IT-Program-Management-Examples.pdf

Mission Critical Case Study:
3 - Large Financial Organization Updating Data Centers Technology to High Availability Virtual Data Centers$FILE/Financial_Data_Center_Upgrade_Case_Study.pdf

Business Process Reengineering (BPR) Case Study: (Organization wide for $200M organization)
4 - Extremely fast Business Process Reengineering effort (developing new model, & deploying effectively)

4a - Step by step process for quickly capturing how existing processes worked, then rapidly developing new model$FILE/1-GSG-BPR-Example.pdf

4b - Example of key Executive and Marcom deliverable (including value add layer; showing customer contact points)$FILE/2-BPR-Major-Deliverable-Example.pdf

Custom Interface Example:
5 - "Supercharging" a Top Tier Personal Information Manager System$FILE/Custom-Interface-Example.pdf

Application Security Verification Road Map:
6 - Detailed Master Plan example, and supporting Program Plan example

6a - Road Map Master Plan Example: Comprehensive & Integrated$FILE/Application-Security-Verification-Road-Map-Example.pdf

6b - Road Map Supporting Program Plan Example: Detailed Implementation Plan$FILE/Program-Plan-Reports-Pack-Example.pdf

6c - 3 x 5 Foot Wall Chart "Big Picture" Example$FILE/Reports-Pack-Example-Wall-Chart.pdf

[2] Key Concepts Overview (How It's Done)

Links to Individual Key Concept Graphics
Links to Digital Video for Each Key Concept

[3] Project Planning / Program Management / Executive Portfolio Focus

ROI Overview - Impact of Plan/Execute Ratio$FILE/ROI-Impact_Plan-Execute-Ratio.pdf

Executive Portfolio Management
Linking Project Planning Directly and Tightly to Strategic Planning$FILE/Linking-PM-to-Strategic-Planning.pdf

Executive Portfolio Management Examples$FILE/Executive-Portfolio-Management.pdf

Tightly Aligning Strategy to Business Services to Business Processes to Information Technology$FILE/Strategy-Services-Processes-IT-Alignment.pdf

Program Management
IT Infrastructure and ERP Initiative Program Management Examples$FILE/GSG-IT-Program-Management-Examples.pdf

Best Practice Marketing Program - Strategy & Plan$FILE/Best-Practice-Marketing-Plan-Options-1-2-3.pdf$FILE/Marketing-Plan-Option-3-Detailed.pdf$FILE/Marketing-Plan-Roles.pdf

Project Management
MS Project – Project Plan Examples$FILE/GSG-MS-Project-Examples.pdf

ERP Deployment – Testing and Training Plan$FILE/ERP-Testing-Training.pdf

[4] Strategic Pilot (Real World / Real Fast / Real Results)

Strategic Pilot Brochure$FILE/GSG-Strategic%20Pilot.pdf
Optional Risk Management Control- Comprehensive Risk Management Plan - FAST$FILE/Risk_Management_Workshop-Overview.pdf
Linking Strategic Planning Directly and Tightly to Implementation and Project Planning$FILE/Linking-PM-to-Strategic-Planning.pdf

[5] M&A / Private Placement Examples

Leveraging Existing Networks
MarCom - Email Bulletin Example

Commercial Development Project Example

Development Project Anonymous Overview
PDF Document Version$FILE/Overview-VA_Historical_Property_Public_Private_Partnership.pdf
Online Version

Development Project Full Proposal$FILE/Development-Project-Example.pdf

Project Funding Positioning Example (Risk Management via Next In, Next Up Agreements)
Letter of Interest$FILE/Letter-of-Interest-VA-Sausalito-PPP.pdf
Proof of Funds$FILE/Sausalito-PPP-Proof-of-Funds.pdf

Oil and Gas Investment Example
Comprehensive Offering Package/Life cycle

MarCom - Anonymous Overview

Detailed Due Diligence Documents:
Secure Web Site Example (Access to Due Diligence Docs)
Password Protected Detailed Offering Docs

Value Add Business Analysis
Refinery/Pipeline Offering - Income Trend Overview$FILE/GE19.PDF

Refinery/Pipeline Expansion Options Overview$FILE/GE14.PDF

[6] On-line Portfolio - Examples

On-line Portfolio$FILE/R0.PDF

Business Logic Examples - Integrated Enterprise Wide System

IT Focused Set

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