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Opportunity Overview
Opportunity - Short Term
Strategic Partner for holographic technology company has developed next generation composite mirrors, and needs operational fund mechanism for productions runs.

Opportunity - Strategic
The Strategic Partner organization also has an exclusive worldwide license for key sectors for any holographic model greater than 36 inches, and GSG/JMV Global has an agreement to develop a joint venture to bring this license to various market segments
Parent Company Business Model
The primary model is to capitalize the placement of units in locations, then lease advertising space. Basically a new form of holographic advertising space, with a huge “Wow” factor. Can be thought of as the "Google model for holographic technology". Nationwide convenience stores, retail stores, financial institutions, etc. are conducting pilot testing now
Also have model to sell the equipment outright, enabling the purchasing company to develop their own business models (i.e. interactive holographic ATM, which is in pilot testing now)
Strategic Partner Business Model
They provide outsourced marketing/sales efforts for percentage of ad space revenue in hosted approach, or percentage of straight equipment sale
Have developed next generation composite mirrors, the "holographic engine", to power the units, providing additional major revenue stream from each unit sold
Have an exclusive global license, to control the sale of any holographic unit larger than 36 inches key sectors, with options for additional sectors. Currently developing strategies with joint venture partner to generate revenue streams from this license, and are seeking A round funding.
Short Term Overview
First production run requires $350K
Pilot program of 485 units (one per store)
May expand to all 6000 stores
Multiple additional runs in negotiations, ranging up to $1.5M - $2M required per run
Pilot program for 400 locations – May expand to 7200 locations
Bank pilot testing hybrid Interactive “touchable” holographic technology – Has 10,000 possible locations world wide
Multiple other large accounts (i.e. large production runs) in the marketing sales pipeline
Strategic Overview
Exclusive license for all holographic units that project greater than 36 inches tall for specific market sectors
GSG/JVM Global have an agreement to develop a joint venture to market and deliver sub-licensing products based on this license
There is currently an immediate “go to market” strategy available to “clone” the existing advertising model for the smaller models (<36”), with larger models
Additional strategies for deploying the larger version technology sub-licenses to major market segments
Hollywood/Entertainment Industry
Short Term & Strategic Opportunities Overview

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Opportunity Overview
Proprietary Green Brand In Industrial Cleaning
The company is positioned to become the dominant green brand in industrial cleaning. It specializes in grease remediation and green chemical cleaners, ($7 billion market in the U.S. alone).
Launched its first commercial line of proprietary microbial grease remediation products and service programs in early 2008. Over 40 customers across approximately 165 installed sites located on both the East and West coasts (sales offices on both coasts).

Company Overview
Three co-founding partners officially established the company in early 2007 in Silicon Valley. Over the last 3 years, it has been focused on product and brand development, product testing, marquee customer acquisition and business model validation. Current efforts are focused on distributor engagement and national roll-out.
In April of 2009, the corporate headquarters was moved to Virginia to take advantage of the new Administration and its fondness for green initiatives. The Company has raised approximately $2M to date and has been funded by the co-founders and angel investors.

Product Line Competitive Advantages
Truly Green - Treatment is non-toxic, non-caustic and preserves and extends drain assets as opposed to degrading them
Dual Action - proprietary formulations treat not only the grease collection sites but also the critical lateral lines leading into and out of these collection points (ie. traditional mechanical plumbing techniques can’t access)
Preventative - Bioremediation prevents new build up.
Cost Effective - Bioremediation is a lower cost solution (no capital improvement or heavy equipment necessary as is always the case with mechanical plumbing and pumping solutions)
Disposal - There are no hazardous material disposal issues
Safety - Bioremediation is human friendly and completely safe
Funding Objective
Seeking $1.5M in Series A funding to expand existing business (see below for Strategic Objective & Core Strategy)
Will accept $250K sub components

Strategic Objective: Intend to become one of the nation’s preeminent green cleaning brands offering the most safe, the most effective and the most environmentally friendly product formulations bar none. Goal is to achieve $70M of revenue at a 22% EBIT by the end of 2015
Core Strategy: Use FOG Control expertise to close highly visible, marquee accounts and then up-sell the entire Green Bull product line thereby leapfrogging other green cleaning suppliers. This will establish an elite brand with exceptional credibility
Compelling Organizational Advantages
Proven business model with paying marquee customers
Products solve a very real and expensive customer problem
Expanding products to offer comprehensive coverage of all needs (based on customer requests)
Outstanding proprietary formulation technology
Strong green market trends and heavy federal FOG regulations:
Executive Orders 13423 (GSA requirements mandate the use of EPP and best practices) and 13101 (EPA requirements mandate the use of EPP and services) are driving business
Large national target market
Proven very large gross margins
Full sales pipeline
Experienced management team
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Opportunity Overview
The Opportunity – “It’s Time for Smart Wallets”
Our wallets, which embrace and categorize our checkbook, passport, credit cards, paper money, change, business cards, etc. have not kept up with the new tool that many now depend on to control the underpinnings of our every-day lives, the Smart Phone. It 's time for the two to meet, and begin the powerful, fashionable and just plain cool "Smart Wallet". The market is huge.
There are several Key Value Propositions/Market Differentiators/Motivators. It Leverages/Supercharges existing smart phones. It’s combination of functionality, stylish design and high end branding equal "Cool"!

Concept Overview
Technology embedded in high end fashion products (i.e. Smart Wallets)
Several Key Value Propositions/Market Differentiators/Motivators
Leverages/Supercharges existing smart phones
Its combination of functionality, stylish design and high end branding equal "Cool"
Basic concept, "Office in Your:
No new technologies need be developed, leverage existing capabilities
Multiple Choices to Bring to Market
Two main start-up strategies being pursued:
Investment enables production of "generic" model that can customized for resale to high end brands (offering technically enabled base products production for customization and re-branding)
Partnership with existing high end brand enables first model brought to market, with subsequent offerings (providing the skills needed in a partner organization to deliver technically enabled products)
Funding Objective
Seeking $1.3M in Start-Up funding
Budget based on getting initial product first shipments out to distributors, &
Ensuring a high performing team in place to design, develop, and bring to market additional products
Positioned To Execute - Now!
Currently, the Smart Wallet organization is ready to proceed with the User Experience Design effort.
Getting to market quickly with a first version of the product will be critical to demonstrate being an early player in the space, for generating revenue, and for establishing market share.

Detailed Plans and Budget Exist for:
User Design Effort
Technical Design Effort
Production Outsourcing/Facilities Secured
Marketing Strategy/MarCom implementation
Shipping Product

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Opportunity Overview
A Restaurant/Club/Lounge/ with a compelling trio of attractions.
Great Food
Lively Bar, Fun Dancing & Relaxed Socializing
The foundational Business Model is based on key components of several existing models that have been very successful nationwide recently (for example Wilshire in Santa Monica). This proven core business model will be combined with a very advantageous location, multiple layers of customization for the customer experience (based on the target demographics of the surrounding county) and various advantages the Bay Area provides (i.e. unparalleled resources for the restaurant and wine cellar)
Allure will be Marin County’s premier dining destination where couples, friends, and families will meet to say hello, commune, eat, and feel comfortable in a “casually elegant neighborhood place”.
But that’s only part of the attraction, as each evening it will also imperceptibly transform Into one of Marin’s “can’t miss” entertainment spots, with an “alluring” dance floor, a lively bar, and elegant lounge spaces where spouses can spend hard to come by quality romantic time, or old friends can catch up, or maybe even new friends can be made.

Top Notch Professional Management Team
The Start-up Team is a critical success factor to ensure that the design, development and opening phases are completed on time, effectively, and on budget.
The full start-up team consists of several different teams;
Two founding partners with extensive experience in real estate development, retail operations, strategic planning, implementation, and effective operations
Robust advisory board
Experienced Start-up consultant for Design, Start-up, and Initial Operations Fine Tuning
Proven General Manager for operations
Funding Objective
Seeking $1.3M in Start-Up funding
Compelling Trio of Attractions
Food - Contemporary / Comfort / Value
Will leverage the Bay Area’s culinary resources (Napa/Sonoma/Etc)
Menu will have “contemporary comfortable” items and be dynamic enough to support customers who want to eat several times a week
Mid teens price points enables quality ingredients, yet affordable, equaling high value

Destination for Fun / Friends / Family
In Addition to Dining, Three Other Primary Activities Areas:
Lively Bar Area
Dance Area
Conversational Lounge Areas
Dance music programmed for 30/40 age group
Lots of lounge areas for conversations
The bar is active center tying together dining, dancing, lounge areas

Best Location in the County
Centrally located in the county
Easy access from the freeway
5 million ferry riders annually
Avoid much longer access to other entertainment centers in other towns that are far away from the freeway

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