GSG Digital Videos: Key Concepts

C1-Organizational Transformation Focuses
Success requires a proactive approach - Understand the focus of your major organizational transformation$FILE/GTO.swf

C2-Professionalization Road Map
Translating Strategy into Reality (It’s Real World, High ROI Impact, Fast, Focused & Integrated)$FILE/RM.swf

C3-3 Leadership Types
Ensuring Strategic/Cultural, Business Process, and Operations Leadership is Key to Success$FILE/3LT.swf

C4-3 Core Competencies
Being able to develop the CORRECT strategy, EFFECTIVELY implement it, and scale operations as needed$FILE/3CC.swf

C5-The Strategic Pilot
In 30 days you can have a quality plan, an effective process, and a software tool to “supercharge” implementation$FILE/SP.swf

C6-3 Key Components & Their ROI’s
In order to execute a strategy quickly and profitably, there are three key components which must be managed$FILE/3C-ROIs.swf

C7-Cultural Change Acceleration
Developing and implementing a strategic plan is dependent on the solid foundation of a well managed organizational culture$FILE/CCA.swf

C8-Organizational Development Frameworks
Leverage over 25 years success with tested frameworks, proven by a stellar list of clients$FILE/OD-FW.swf

C9-Pyramid of Organizational Development
A proven model to consider the organization as a whole, and plan the changes that are necessary to prepare for the future performance of the organization$FILE/OD-Pyramid.swf

C10-Organizational Lifecycle
Successful companies of all sizes recognize, plan for, and manage their transitions at each stage of organizational growth$FILE/OD-OL.swf

C11-Service Oriented Architecture
An organizational strategic plan, cascaded down through business services and business processes, should be key controlling factors in an IT architecture$FILE/SOA.swf

C11-Enterprise Service Bus
A common runtime environment allows the quick combination of new and existing critical applications$FILE/ESB.swf